Friday, November 7, 2014

Get Inspired Magazine

Get Inspired Magazine

At the beginning of October I had seen a post on Instagram about being published in an online magazine called Get Inspired Magazine from the blog Let's Get Sketchy. I decided to check it out, and found a post about doing a sketch. I decided to give it a try and applied with a layout I made. 

Here's the Sketch:

And here's the layout:

On my blog post a few days after posting it I got a comment... this is what it said:
Wow I just love this page, we would love to have it in the next issue of Inspired Magazine (for which I am the Assistant Editor) 
There was more to the comment but it included emails and instructions on what to do so I just deleted that part.

I was so excited but didn't want to post anything until it was published... well now it's published so here's the link to the magazine!

 There are some amazing layouts in the magazine so stop by and check it out!

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